6 Add-Ons - 25% Off

The 6 Add-Ons Bundle includes all four Beasts of Balance Legendary Beasts + other popular expansions to complete your collection:

- Hotbelly: The Hangry Dragon

- Fancyprance: The Fabulous Unicorn

- Moby Brick: The Space Whale

- The Omnibeast

- Beastly Playmat

- Paranomal Pieces: Expansion Pack

These four Legendaries + Paranomal Pieces enhance both Co-op and Battles mode in unique and powerful ways while the Beastly Playmat makes Beasts of Balance look even better and provides a cushioned landing for the Beasts when your tower eventually topples over!

App-enabled gameplay brings your physical creation to life on your connected device with Co-op Mode (1-5 players) and Battles Mode (2-3 players).

“Hugely enjoyable and absorbing, one of those rare games that is genuinely enjoyable for all ages.”

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